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🥒 DIY Pickling Vinegar Recipe 🌶️ | Just Canning

Learn how to make your own pickling vinegar with this easy DIY recipe from Just Canning. Experiment with different flavors and create delicious pickled onions.

DIY Pickling Vinegar

You will need:

  • distilled white vinegar2 cups distilled white vinegar
  • sugar1 tablespoon sugar
  • salt1 teaspoon salt
  • peppercorns garlic cloves dried chili peppersOptional flavorings: peppercorns, garlic cloves, dried chili peppers


  1. Start by combining the vinegar, sugar, and salt in a saucepan.
  2. Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring until the sugar and salt are completely dissolved.
  3. Remove the saucepan from the heat and add your choice of optional flavorings.
  4. Let the mixture cool down before using it in your pickling onions recipe.


Remember, the vinegar you choose will greatly impact the taste of your pickled onions. So, feel free to experiment with different flavors.

Embark on a thrilling culinary adventure with our DIY Pickling Vinegar recipe. This simple, yet versatile concoction is the secret to transforming ordinary vegetables into tangy, flavorful delights. Whether you're a seasoned canner or a beginner, this recipe will empower you to create delicious, homemade pickles with ease.

Our DIY Pickling Vinegar is the perfect starting point for a variety of pickling recipes. Its basic ingredients, distilled white vinegar, sugar, and salt, form a balanced blend that can be customized with optional flavorings like peppercorns, garlic cloves, or dried chili peppers. The beauty of this recipe lies in its adaptability. You can tweak it to suit your palate, making your pickling journey truly unique.

A World of Pickling Possibilities

Once you've mastered the art of making your own pickling vinegar, the possibilities are endless. You can use it for canning and pickling beets, creating a delightful blend of sweet and tangy flavors. Or, try it in our pickled onions recipe for a crunchy, zesty treat that adds a pop of flavor to any dish.

Not only is homemade pickling vinegar a versatile ingredient, but it also allows you to control what goes into your pickles. This means no artificial preservatives or additives—just pure, wholesome goodness. Plus, making your own pickling vinegar is a sustainable choice that reduces waste and supports a healthier planet.

Join the Pickling Revolution

Are you excited to begin your pickling journey? We're here to support you every step of the way. If you're looking for more tips and recipes, check out our pickling vegetables guide. And remember, the most important ingredient in any recipe is passion. So, grab your canning jars, roll up your sleeves, and let's get pickling!